Worship Flag Workshop (digital version)

Worship Flag Workshop (digital version)

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The On Fire Worship Flagging Workshop is perfect for individuals, small groups, or dance teams who want to learn more about worship flags and their use for praise and worship expression.

You'll also receive a special BONUS VIDEO about how to respond if church leaders don't understand or allow the use of worship flags.

Customer Reviews

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Nina Garcia
Extravagant praise!!

I don't feel there's words that can express how exquisite these worship flags are! When I opened them I felt a holy hush not because the flags are holy but because this moment was! I had prayed and ask the Lord which ones are for this season and what He's wanting to bring. He led me to the the white ones the water ones the Holy Spirit fire ones and the prayer ones. The first ones I was led to use where the white flags which to me represent His holiness. II took them to the altar and I dedicated them to Him . Then I began to dance.... I had an amazing time in His presence worshiping Him in this new way.... free and abandoned even as David was to dance the twirl and leap ! Thank you my friend so much for what you do may God bless you and continue to bless and anoint the work of your hands. Amen

Debra Evans-Holmes
Glory to GOD!!

Wow, these are the most beautiful flags I have ever seen. I wept when I saw them because of the beauty and being able to worship my Lord which HE deserves and created us for. As a new flag worshipper I am very grateful and humbled for this new season in my life. May Abba, Father continue to bless Andrea, the creator of these inspirational flags. Thank you!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why worship flags are important for everyone
  • A biblical foundation of worship flags
  • Shifting atmospheres with worship flags
  • Basic movements to give you confidence

By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand what praise & worship flags are, why and how they are used and have the confidence to use them without feeling self-conscious.

Here's what's included...

Flagging Workshop Student Handbook (printable)
Part 1: Invitation
Part 2: Why Flags Matter
Part 3: Biblical Foundation
Part 4: Shifting Atmospheres
Part 5: Flagging Movements
Bonus #1: Impartation & Commission Prayer
Bonus #2: Flag Ministry Limitations

After purchase, you’ll receive an email witha link to create an account at On Fire Worship Academy.

You may view the full length 95-minute video and download the 18-page Flagging Workshop Student Handbook. If you prefer to utilize the digital workshop for small groups, you can view the workshop in 6 sessions (5 modules, plus bonus).

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