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Lion of Judah Worship FlagsLion of Judah Worship Flags
Lion of Judah Worship Flags
Sale priceFrom $293.00
Lord is Mighty Worship FlagsLord is Mighty Worship Flags
Lord is Mighty Worship Flags
Sale priceFrom $293.00
Faithful & True Worship FlagsFaithful & True Worship Flags
Faithful & True Worship Flags
Sale priceFrom $298.00
Jehovah Shalom Worship FlagsJehovah Shalom Worship Flags
Jehovah Shalom Worship Flags
Sale priceFrom $294.00
Jehovah Jireh Worship FlagsJehovah Jireh Worship Flags
Jehovah Jireh Worship Flags
Sale priceFrom $295.00
Author & Finisher Worship FlagsAuthor & Finisher Worship Flags
Author & Finisher Worship Flags
Sale priceFrom $289.00
Jehovah Rapha Worship FlagsJehovah Rapha Worship Flags
Jehovah Rapha Worship Flags
Sale price$285.00
DIY Jehovah Jireh Worship Flag KitDIY Jehovah Jireh Worship Flag Kit
DIY Jehovah Jireh Worship Flag Kit
Sale price$209.00
Lord of Hosts (Jehovah Sabaoth) Worship FlagsLord of Hosts (Jehovah Sabaoth) Worship Flags
Lord of Hosts (Jehovah Sabaoth) Worship Flags
Sale priceFrom $293.00
Jehovah Nissi Worship FlagsJehovah Nissi Worship Flags
Jehovah Nissi Worship Flags
Sale priceFrom $211.00
Ancient of Days Worship FlagsAncient of Days Worship Flags
Ancient of Days Worship Flags
Sale price$296.00


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$50 Global


celebrate your birthday like royalty

birthday club

Life Should Not Only Be Lived, It Should Be Celebrated.

Join the Fire Catchers' Birthday Club, and we will send you some extra special surprises on your birthday.

more than a worship flag store

The Fire Catchers Community

women in workshop holding worship flags from catch the fire worship

Flagging Workshop

We're 'on fire' to equip emerging and seasoned worshippers to operate in understanding and full authority with praise and worship flags. Workshops are flexible to accommodate time frames from 60 minutes to 6 hours. 

apple on stack of books, colored pencils and blocks of letters

Online Classroom & Prayer

Join the Fire Catchers Classroom for live teaching via Zoom. It’s the next best thing to being together in person. Get great teaching on a variety of kingdom lifestyle topics, and ask questionsand interact with the speaker or other participants.

group of women, fire catchers, heart hands

ReCharge: Worship Encounter

Fire Catchers don't retreat, we recharge. Our agenda is Holy Spirit's agenda as we minister to the Lord with our worship. Deep friendships are formed as we care for one another, inspiring each other to pursue the Lord, as he relentlessly pursues us.

African woman cutting fabric and making worship flags for catch the fire worship flags

On Fire to Build His Kingdom

stop the cycle of poverty in rural uganda

10% of every purchase provides discipleship & vocational training for men and women at New Chapter Vocational School in order to effectively provide for their own families while providing skills that benefit their community.

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