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It all started because of a vision of heavenly worship. Sound, movement, texture and colors merged to create a multi-sensory experience.

Andrea tried to find something that matched the color & beauty of the worship in the vision but there was nothing like that available.

Wanting to make a quality investment that will last for years, Andrea started to make her own worship flags.

It wasn’t long before other worshippers who craved to experience deeper worship, like you, began asking Andrea if she sold the flags.

Seeing it as a way to support Kingdom ministries, she agreed to sell the worship flags. Worshippers elevated their praise, and God’s Kingdom was expanding.

You are making a difference. Every time you purchase from Catch the Fire Worship Flags, we give 10% to individuals and ministries who are making a heavenly impact.

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Some days I feel strong, others I feel defeated. But when I worship... all I feel is God's love.

~Candace Johnson


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Andrea York

Owner · Creator · Designer

Andrea York

Andrea is a sold-out lover of Jesus. She values the supernatural life in the Spirit through Jesus and pursues the revelatory gifts as part of normal Christianity. Andrea is a Bible teacher turned worship flag maker; her mission is to serve and lead worshippers around the world to encounter Jesus through color and movement.

Andrea's worship flags are among the best handmade flags available. She has perfected the design and construction for beautiful quality to last for years. Andrea has always had a close relationship with color. She has the rare gift of synethesia, a psychological phenomenon of intertwining color and sound. Andrea literally “sees” color for each sound.

Andrea York attended Bible School in Austria, completed ‘Women in Leadership’ at A.C.T.S. Seminary, is a licensed Minister through A.C.O.P. (Apostolic Church of Pentecost) and is working on completing Reverend ordination. Andrea serves as Prophetic Director at her church. She is married to Gary and they have one son, Max.

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Maria Rissa Alamo

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Marc Ronald Ansag

Video Editor · Creative


We may be known for many things but we will be remembered only by one thing: our giving love.

~Ann Voscamp

It's scary to step out...

Born for this

Andrea attended a storytelling workshop. At the end of it, she was selected to "perform" her story (aka testimony) to an extremely liberal crowd among the art community of Vancouver. It started as a performance but ended as worship service.


Do you have a story to share, testimony to tell, or a question to ask? We’d love to chat. Click here to contact us.


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On Fire to Build His Kingdom

stop the cycle of poverty in rural uganda

10% of every purchase provides discipleship & vocational training for men and women at New Chapter Vocational School in order to effectively provide for their own families while providing skills that benefit their community.

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