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Color & movement speak when words aren't enough

elevate your praise with worship flags


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Isn't God Worthy of ALL Your Worship?


Deeper worship is the fruit of knowing God and spending time with Him.

 praise and worship means you hold nothing back – even if you don’t have words to describe what you’re feeling.

What To Do When Your Church Doesn't Use Worship Flags

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Worship flag storage bag to protect prophetic praise banners and dance flags


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Every flagging worshipper, from beginner to advanced, will find the perfect worship flags from Catch the Fire Worship Flags.

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Catch the Fire Worship Flags provides you with training and videos that you want to feel confident while expressing your deepest praise.

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elevate your praise

Worship as deeply as you breathe. Break every inhibition that holds you back and be free to fully worship. Color and movement speak when words aren't enough.

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"As I've worshipped with FIRE, myself and others are put into a direct path with an encounter from heaven. Catch the Fire Worship Flags definitely manifest the decree they are!"
~Rosie Robinson

Trained & Equipped to elevate your praise with Worship Flags

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You can trust Catch the Fire Worship Flags to help you elevate your praise to the next level because we’ve been serving worshippers like you since 2011.

✔️ 1st flagmaker to sell multiple layer worship flags online
✔️ 7,500+ worship flags sold
✔️ 200+ original handmade designs
✔️ shipped to more than 25 countries
✔️ supported 45+ global ministries & individuals who are on fire
✔️ contributed more than $160,000 to Kingdom ministries

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On Fire to Build His Kingdom

stop the cycle of poverty in rural uganda

10% of every purchase provides discipleship & vocational training for men and women at New Chapter Vocational School in order to effectively provide for their own families while providing skills that benefit their community.

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