Elevate Your Praise with our Most Popular Worship Flags

Worship Flags "Speak" when Words Fail

When words aren’t enough to express your deepest praise, our colorful, multi-layer worship flags will take your praise and worship to the next level.

The Fire Starters Signature Collection has exactly what you want to take your praise and worship deeper.


The First Flag We Ever Created is STILL our Best Seller

Fire Worship Flags are a foundation to flag ministry.

YOU ARE A FORERUNNER in the Worship Renaissance.
You are known for passion, quality, and reflectinf the power of the Kingdom alive in you and everywhere where you elevate your praise.

Fire Flags by Catch the Fire Worship Flags (music: Set a Fire, by Will Reagan)

Lift Your Hands Higher for You to Go Deeper

Isn't God Worthy of Your Deepest Praise?

Deeper worship is the fruit of knowing God and spending time with Him.

Worship isn’t an event, it’s a lifestyle.

True worship means nothing holds you back – even if you don’t have words to describe what you’re feeling.

That’s why Catch the Fire Worship Flags is delighted to be a part of  your deepest expression of worship.

Beautiful Offering Worship Flags is our #1 go-to pair of worship flags, because they say what our words cannot.

Lady in front of ocean water swirling orange and purple worship flags above her head

It's Scary to Step Out in Public

I Was Nervous, too

Worship Flags aren’t new, but they were new to me. Perhaps they are new to you, too.

Becoming confident with worship flags isn’t an overnight journey. We understand your questions, and your fears. 

First I had questions (are they biblical?).
Then, I learned what to do with them.
Finally, I gained confidence to use flags in public.

In this video, I share my story. I know you’ll relate – it might even be just like your own story.

The Flame Vancouver – Born for This

Trust the Experts

Being a Forerunner in the Worship Renaissance is Important

Catch the Fire Worship Flags has been helping you elevate your praise to the next level since August 2011, which makes us a business you can trust because you know we’ll be around to answer your questions, and continue to provide you with exceptional multi-layer worship flags.

Here’s a look at what’s happened in the past 8 years:

–> Premier business to offer multi layer angel wing worship flags online
–> 3000+ worship flags sold
–> 150+ unique worship flag creations
–> In 25+ countries
–> Supported 45+ missionaries & ministries from worship flag revenue
–> National media coverage on NBC, ABC, CBS, and more

Catch the Fire Worship Flags has been featured in many national & international publications