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Creating colorful multi-layer worship flags is only a part of Catch the Fire Worship Flags.

It’s not enough to have a tool, it’s equally important to know how to use it. Whether you have 60 minutes or 6 hours, Catch the Fire Worship Flags provides in-depth training to equip you for flagging worship & intercession.

Catch the Fire Worship Flags offers Flagging Workshops. Every On Fire Worship Flagging Workshop is tailored to the specific needs and desires of your unique community or group.

trained & equipped for flagging worship & intercession

How to Use Worship Flags


Basic Flagging Movements

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How to Use Interchangeable Travel Poles


Confused About Poles?


How to Store Worship Flags

How to Master EVERY Flagging Movement

How to Fix a Broken Pole

How to Use Swing Flags & Veils

How to Use Worship Flags in Small Spaces

Foundations: Understanding Worship Flags

The Power of Your Worship

Why Worship Flags Matter for Everyone

Rejection from Church Leaders

Born For This

The WEEKLY Highlights

How Worship Flags Spread the Gospel Around the World

Learn the "Windmill" Movement

Worship or Warfare?

Are Worship Flags Anointed?

Increase Your Influence

Power of Gratitude

Fire Catcher Chats

When the worship set is over, and after you’ve stored your worship flags for another day. When you move through the mundane tasks of your week, you begin to notice you are different, and the atmosphere around you is different. The Kingdom of God is building inside of you. You are going deeper and deeper, and your worship is changing – it’s moving to another level.

What matters is building His Kingdom around the world, but it starts with you.

Andrea York, from Catch the Fire Worship Flags, chats with flagging worshippers who are just like you to listen to them share their worship stories & testimonies..

J. Brett Salazar

Elizabeth Shott

Deshell Jackson

JT Nelms

Rachel Crawford

Roger Lanier

Deshell Jackson

Angel Purdy

AJ Salazar

Rachel Crawford

Worship Flags in Motion

It all started because of a vision of heavenly worship.

Sound, movement, texture and colors (lots and lots of colors) merge to create a multi-sensory experience.

Worship dance is the pursuit to match the beauty of the worship in the vision… colorful fabrics that flowed together seemingly without beginning or end.

Heavenly Fragrance

Faithful Promises

Sweet Fellowship

On the Altar

Heavenly Places


Your Love Is Better

Shekinah Glory

Father's Heart



African woman cutting fabric and making worship flags for catch the fire worship flags

On Fire to Build His Kingdom

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