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Turn your God-given creativity into a business that is making a BIG Kingdom impact

Be Fruitful & Multiply in Business & Life




Garden Growth is a business course specifically for creative Kingdom Makers. It will give you what you need to grow your business so that you reap a bountiful harvest that reproduces year after year.  

Holy Spirit inspires the work you do but unless you put the right kind of effort in the garden from sowing to reaping, you can’t expect a harvest that supports your dream of making a significant impact for God’s Kingdom.


Many Christian makers start a business with a word from the Lord but most makers EVENTUALLY give up.

They give up because they're weary from putting in so much effort and not making much Kingdom impact. Or worse, they quit because they think they didn’t hear God correctly.

God is raising worshipers who need the worship tools that you create. He doesn’t want your business to fail. 

God’s first command in the garden was to be fruitful and multiply.It’s easy to dream but much harder to make it happen. That’s why we put together Garden Growth, a proven step-by-step system that turns your God-given creativity into a business that supports your family and makes a BIG Kingdom impact.

he Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden to work it and take care of it... then God said to them, "Be fruitful & multiply."

~Genesis 2:15/1:28

the garden growth course is for...

👍 Kingdom Makers who want to partner with Holy Spirit and build a business creating worship products 

👍 Kingdom Makers who understand money is a tool you can use to generously sow into God’s Kingdom

👍 Kingdom Makers who want consistent sales - without spending more time on social media

👍 Kingdom Makers who need help with time management to run a growing business, while still working at a job, and be a wife and mother

👍 Kingdom Makers who want to save time and frustration by learning from a mentor who has a successful flag making business

Garden Growth is not for...

👎 Hobby makers who choose to serve with their time, rather than an increasing financial impact

👎 Hobby makers who just want to make a few flags (praise garments, or mattah sticks) for their own dance team or close friends

👎 Hobby makers who prefer to figure it out on their own

👎 Hobby makers who feel another flag maker’s success will diminish their ability to have the same business growth

👎 Hobby makers who feel uncomfortable using their business to financially support their family

Garden Growth Success Path for King

Plan & Plant

Develop a sustainable business that serves worshipers, supports your family, and makes a Kingdom impact. 

Tend & Nurture

Create a system that lets you control your sales, without having to rely on social media. Successfully navigate pitfalls that make most businesses fail.

Reap & Harvest

Create a system that lets you control your sales, without having to rely on social media. Successfully navigate pitfalls that make most businesses fail.

Fruitful & Multiply

Create new business or ministry ventures because you have confidence that the strategies from Garden Growth will work when you use them in partnership with Holy Spirit.

What Other Flag Makers are Saying...

I took Andrea’s costing advice and working on lowering my costs and raising my net income. I’ve been able to pay for my materials, and make enough of a profit to create a website, make donations, and continue to grow.


woman writing and holding coffee mug


Be fruitful & multiply in business & life.

My goal is to help you.

I started Catch the Fire Worship Flags in 2011 in order to support Kingdom charities. Within 5 years, the business grew to revenues that exceeded 6-figures, and continues to grow year after year after year - while giving over $125,000 to build God’s Kingdom.

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by all the details of running a business when what I really want to spend time on is creating worship flags.

No one should have to grow a business without a mentor who understands every struggle you will face.

Join Garden Growth and get the help you need to be fruitful and multiply in your business and your life.

When you know God has called you to start a business to serve creative worshipers, there is nothing more frustrating than when your business flounders and sales are inconsistent.

That’s where Garden Growth can help. Here’s what you’ll get in the Garden Growth 6-month mentoring membership:

✔️ Follow a proven Success Path that will set your business up with a good foundation by fulfilling all your legal and accounting requirements

✔️ Learn how to price your products in the ‘sweet spot’ so that you support the worshipers you are called to serve, but also is sustainable to continue to grow

✔️ Build a sales platform that you control so that you don’t rely on social media platforms who may kick you off because they are anti-Christian

✔️ A time management system that helps you grow your business without neglecting your other responsibilities - ministry, work, and family

✔️ Know how to get consistent sales every week

✔️ Automate business tasks that suck time and energy so that you can concentrate on what you love doing the most

✔️ Develop a year-round marketing plan that works 

✔️ A business mentor who understands your struggles and has already figured out how overcome them

✔️ A business course created specifically for Kingdom Makers who make worship products. Not all business courses understand Kingdom business values.

You could spend years trying to figure it out on your own, and risk quitting your business when you can’t find the Miracle-Gro™ to make your business grow.

Or, you could buy a program from another business coach who doesn’t understand the unique challenges that come from growing a Kingdom-based business in an industry so niche that even Google doesn’t say exists.

woman with hands raised up
Or, you can take the proven shortcut and follow the success path from a mentor who is a leader in the worship flag industry and start making a BIG Kingdom impact within a few months.

Be Fruitful & Multiply in Business & Life


👉 6 step-by-step modules that are easy to follow and implement right away

👉 access to all the modules immediately

👉 Business Success manual tailored for your business 

👉 Extra help from expert coaches, if needed

👉 A behind the scenes peak at Catch the Fire Worship Flags to see why it’s successful year after year 

👉 Lifetime access

Ultimate Resource & supplier guide


Finding suppliers and resources who you can trust for great prices and quality is time-consuming.

We've put together a 22-page resource guide for you so that you can get back to the joy of creating your products, instead of wasting time looking for suppliers.


Nothing happens without prayer.

We've put together 52 scriptures and prayers for you to pray every week over your Kingdom business.

Unless the Lord builds the house, the workers labour in vain.
~Psalm 127:1

learning Modules

PLAN THE garden

In this module, you’ll build the framework for your business: what product you’ll make, who your target market is (hint: everyone isn’t the answer), and why you are making it.

Create your purpose and vision statement, then you’ll be guided to develop your “elevator pitch”, which will become an anchor for your growing business.

prepare the soil

This module is about setting up your business properly so that you avoid costly legal or accounting mistakes. You’ll learn an easy-to-use accounting system that will grow with your business; and you’ll learn about how to price your products and lower costs with suppliers. 

plant the seed

Creativity flows all the time, and you’ll learn how to harness your creativity to help your business grow and thrive. You’ll know how to make your business work around you and your life so that you still have time for work, family, and ministry responsibilities. 

Cultivate the Right Environment

In this module, you’ll understand the importance of setting up your online store on a platform you control and you’ll be guided to the best option and how to build your sales platform.

Gather a Harvest

This module is about creating and maintaining the #1 asset in your business - an email list. Get help understanding what features you need in an email service provider and how to write emails that nurture a relationship with your buyers. 

Multiply Your Growth

In this module, you’ll learn how to review your business data and analytics. You’ll create a sales playbook that works for your unique business so you can use proven marketing strategies to consistently get sales

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Garden Growth Course

You'll have immediate access to the full course as soon as you login.

We strongly recommend that you take time to watch all the lessons in the order because each module builds on the next.

It could take as little as 6 weeks to complete the course and be ready to join the Fertilizer Phase membership.

There is plenty of bonus lessons and material in addition to the modules.

You will have access to our Expert Coaches. You can book a session with them anytime for extra assistance.


You may also choose to join the Fertilizer Phase membership where you learn to accelerate your business growth with strategic marketing.

Absolutely! Once you've completed the Garden Growth course and want to keep your momentum, you can join the Fertilizer Phase Membership where you learn to accelerate your business growth with strategic marketing.

Fertilizer Phase Membership is a monthly membership that you can quit anytime, however, if you want to return at a later date, the price may increase and you will have to pay the new rate.

If you decide in 7 days that Garden Growth isn’t working for you, we will refund your payment - no questions asked!

There are many ways to thrive in business. If your business is supporting you and your family, and you’re exceeding your goals, then you might not need extra help.

The Garden Growth course works for start up businesses as well as businesses who need a little extra help to get to the next level - whether you want to reach $10,000 in revenues or $100,000+.

A few successful sales doesn’t mean your business has a foundation that will support additional growth phases. Garden Growth covers the basics, but we go much deeper by inviting other experts to share what they know so that your business grows consistently, year after year.

After Garden Growth, we offer an extension membership that adds fertilizer to your business and every business, even if your sales are over $1M, will benefit from the marketing lessons and insider knowledge.

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