God’s Word for 2024

God’s Word for 2024

There is a profound connection between worship and prophecy. Worshippers can easily feel worn out because they “hear” the word of the Lord, internalize it through dance and then release it through color and movement. To thrive in this season, you’ll need two things: personal encounter & be battle-ready

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Worshippers - especially flagging worshippers - are very prophetic people.

I believe it’s because worshippers get so close to the throne to worship Him and minister to Him - something happens in the proximity… 

You see and hear what He’s doing; then, you release it back to the atmosphere - fulfilling the word of the Lord.

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In a new YouTube video that I released today - God’s Word for 2024 & What It Means for Flagging Worshippers - I spoke about some heavenly strategies about how to prepare in the next season.

First, it’s going to require intimacy and continual personal encounters with Jesus. The most relevant worship flags to use are Lilac Shimmer & Beautiful Offering.  

Next, worshippers will need to press into the Lord and be ready for warfare. It’s a season of Worship Warriors; all discerning hearts everywhere need to lift up banners.

As much as worshippers are prophetic, they are equally warriors. Catch the Fire Worship Flags has a Worship Warrior Collection, including powerfully anointed worship weapons such as Silver Metallic, Peace Maker and Jehovah Sabaoth

Friends, I don’t want to see you be taken out in this season of warfare. We need not lose, but we do need to stand and worship in victory.

Now is the time to get your “spiritual” house in order and have your supernatural weapons ready for the battle.

You might have new challenges in this season, but you will not lose the war when you surrender to the Lord and follow Holy Spirit’s leading. Let’s claim victory together!

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