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Did You know that Anointing oil is mentioned over 20 times in the Bible?

If you don’t know what anointing oil is, you’re not alone. It’s common to feel like you should know why a Christian uses anointing oil, and because you feel you should know, it might not seem right to ask. 

Below are some answers to questions many others have had about anointing oil.

Anointed is a special blend of oils; it is made specifically for Fire Catchers.

oil is a foreshadow of Holy Spirit

What is Anointing Oil?

Anointing oil is first mentioned in Exodus 29. Aaron, Moses’ brother, and Aaron’s sons were consecrated (set apart) to serve as priests in a highly symbolic ceremony, with many rituals. The anointing oil was poured over their head.

How do you make Anointing Oil?

A recipe for anointing oil is found in Exodus 30:23. Anointed, Catch the Fire Worship Flags' proprietary blend is made with several essential oils including myrtle, cinnamon, sandalwood, and others.

Anointing a Person

How do you use anointing oil?

Add a small dab to your hand and rub it on your (or someone else’s) forehead and/or hands to symbolize that you are set apart to minister to the Lord.

anointing worship flags

How do you use anointing oil?

After you have anointed yourself or others, rub your hands over the worship flags, usually along the pole shaft. This will be a symbol that your worship flags are set apart as ministry to the Lord.

Can anyone use/apply anointing oil?

Yes. Prior to receiving a New Covenant, only priests could use anointing oil but Jesus established a New Covenant, which makes all Believers a ‘royal priesthood’ (1 Peter 2:9). Through Jesus, everyone is elevated to priestly status with all the rights and responsibilities of being priests.

Is anointing oil relevant for Believers today?

Anointing oil is symbolic, which is a practical and tangible component to faith but the oil itself is not a magic potion. It is Holy Spirit’s presence on you, in you and around you that gives power to the anointing.

Should I reapply anointing oil, and if so, how often?

Once you become a Christian (little anointed one), there will never be a time when you are not anointed but because we are fickle beings, repeating the anointing ritual causes you to remember that you are anointed. Repeat the anointing ritual as often as you want.

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