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“Are you well-regarded?”

“Excuse me?” I’ve had some unique questions from the Border Control Customs Officers in the past but this was a first.

He clarified, “Are you well regarded in your industry?”

“Uh, I guess so. I’m a leader.” He was pleasant and we conversed a little back and forth about the worship flag industry before he handed back my identification.

After I concluded my business in the USA, I continued on my way to a conference featuring several well known speakers. During my drive, I talked with the Lord and I was pondering the question posed by the Customs Officer. I asked Holy Spirit, “Am I well regarded?”


“We think highly of you,” Holy Spirit replied. Content with the answer, I dropped the conversation. I mean, when God thinks highly of you, there’s no reason for an objection and a rebuttal isn’t necessary.

The worship set was ah-may-zing and I had a powerful encounter with Jesus through the speaker’s message so when she invited us to respond and come to the front, I was quick to join the others on my knees. Then the peak encounter was over and another speaker was doing a transition to the lunch break.

I didn’t want to step out of the moment, but I also have severe knee joint issues so I eased onto a chair in the front row. The morning speaker had been whisked away to catch a flight and the husband and wife team was on the stage, so I knew no one would be using the seats. Plus, in a few minutes we would all be excused for the break.

I was still in the midst of the encounter, with tears streaming down my cheek and I have a tap on my shoulder. I look at who is speaking to me and the father of the house tells me the front row is reserved for speakers only and suggests I return to my seat.


My first reaction was offense. But I’m a polite Canadian, so I take the walk of shame back to my seat. The Holy Spirit encounter has completely been flat-lined and in that moment, I realized I was being tested like Jesus in the desert. After He heard the Father say to him, “You are my Son, and I’m pleased with you,” he went to the wilderness and Satan’s first temptation was to make him doubt his identity, “If you are the Son of God…”

The enemy’s tactics haven’t changed since the beginning of human existence. On the drive there, God confirmed his thoughts about me. If I chose to keep the offense, and hold a proud position, I would have forfeited the promises I received during my encounter. The other choice I had was to “go low” regardless of how much it hurt, and Surrender my right to defend or justify myself.

I chose to Surrender, drop the offense, extend forgiveness and ask God to bless the house and their ministry.

We all have promises but wounds, disappointments, and distractions can steal them from us. Often our first reaction is to close off our heart, and take the attitude, “Never surrender.” Don’t let the hurts and vulnerabilities steal from you. Dear one, your promise from Jesus is yes. Surrender to Him at all costs, and I guarantee you will see breakthrough.

Do you have a story of Surrender? Leave a comment, because I’d love to hear it, and celebrate the vulnerable position you’ve accepted. We’re not meant to walk this journey along. I’m so glad we’re together in it.


Surrender is the Featured Flag for March. It’s our heart response to a loving Father. If you wish to view or purchase the worship flag for dancing in church, check it out here.

Don’t delay. It’s only available until March 31.

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