Should You Lend Your Worship Flags to Others

Should You Lend Your Worship Flags to Others

Worship flags hold a special place in the realm of spiritual expression. They have the power to usher us into deeper realms of worship and connection with God. But when it comes to sharing our worship flags with others, there can be varying opinions and questions. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the topic of whether or not we should let other worshipers use our worship flags and delve into some considerations for making that decision. 

In our new video FAQ series' on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, Catch the Fire Worship Flags answers your worship flag FAQs.

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Today we answer the question: 

Should You Lend Your Worship Flags to Others?

Today, we delve into an intriguing question that often sparks debate: "Should you allow other worshipers to use your worship flags? Let's explore this topic in today's worship flag FAQ.

Sharing Worship Flags:

As a worship flag enthusiast since 2011, I've encountered various opinions on the matter. While Scripture doesn't explicitly address this question, I'd like to share my perspective on the subject.

The Power of Re-Anointing:

One common concern is the spiritual cleanliness of worship flags, which led Catch the Fire worship flags to discontinue their rental program. However, I believe in following Jesus' example. Instead of avoiding the unclean, He touched them and brought about cleansing. Similarly, if you believe that an anointing rests upon the worship flags, either from the flag maker or the worshiper, you can re-anoint them. By praying over the flags or anointing them with oil, any concerns about their spiritual state can be addressed.

The Transference of Anointing:

When someone unfamiliar with worship flags picks them up, there can be a profound spiritual connection. Just like my personal experience when I first used someone else's flags, it can be a transformative encounter with God. Denying others the opportunity to use worship flags could potentially hinder their own spiritual journey and relationship with Jesus. By allowing them to explore this unique expression of worship, we open doors for them to step into something extraordinary.

Sharing the Joy and Blessing:

As flag owners, we have the privilege of sharing the joy and depth of worship with others. Introducing someone to worship flags may be the catalyst for their immediate connection with God's presence. Moreover, there can be a personal blessing in being the one who facilitates such encounters. While I generally say yes when asked to use my flags, I also consider certain factors and provide guidance to ensure respectful and honorable handling of the flags.

Parameters and Care:

Worship flags are an investment, both financially and spiritually. Therefore, it's important to assess if the individual seeking to use them will treat them with care and respect. Factors such as the environment, available space, and the flag user's level of experience come into play. If there are concerns about mishandling or a lack of value for the flags, it may be necessary to decline the request.

Flagging Workshops and Children:

During flagging workshops, especially with children, extra caution is warranted. While accidents can happen, it's crucial to provide instruction on proper flag care and emphasize the significance of these sacred items. While younger participants may exhibit playful tendencies, setting boundaries and fostering understanding can contribute to a positive experience.


In the end, whether or not to allow others to use your worship flags is a personal decision. By sharing the joy and expression of worship, we enable others to encounter God in remarkable ways. If you hold a differing viewpoint or can provide scriptural insight, I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, feel free to suggest other worship flag FAQs for future videos. Let's continue this enriching conversation together.

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We hope you found this answer helpful to your worship flag FAQs. Do you have a question you want us to cover? Leave a comment and we will make a video to answer your worship flag FAQ.

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