A Living Canvas: God's Unfinished Masterpiece

A Living Canvas: God's Unfinished Masterpiece

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A Living Canvas is a guide to restoration, a guide to setting the Church on fire with revival through true God-worship. You are God’s living canvas.

Each time you enter into true God-worship, you allow Him to transform you, to take you from glory to glory, until you enter into eternity. Until then, you are His unfinished masterpiece.

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About the Author

Ilse Spears was born to worship. So were you! Her worship ministry has taken her across the world to places like the Philippines, Haiti and India. She is a creative worshiper and trains God’s people how to worship, starting with their identity in Christ. She is teaching the Church to embrace their gifts and talents and use them in their worship.

Through her workshops, and now through this book, Ilse is teaching Christians to enter into the throne room of God and worship Him face to face. True God-worship is where heaven meets earth. It’s there, in the presence of God, we are transformed into God’s masterpiece.

Ilse’s heart is to restore the arts back to the Church, as a powerful way to connect our hearts to the heat of our Creator in creative worship.

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