• Group of 4 single layer worship flags in multiple colors
  • Wisdom Bundle for flagging dance team
  • 4x Shimmer Worship Flags Bundle
  • 4x wisdom bundle worship flags, emerald
  • 4x wisdom bundle, ruby
  • 4x worship flags bundle, diamond
  • Ruby Shimmer praise and worship flags for church
  • Ruby Shimmer praise and worship flags for church
  • Sapphire fabric

Wisdom Praise Flags BUNDLE


Ask for Wisdom; God is in a generous mood.

Those who find true wisdom obtain the tools for understanding, the proper way to live, for they will have a fountain of blessing pouring into their lives. To gain the riches of Wisdom is far greater than gaining the wealth of the world … It is a more valuable commodity than gold and gemstones. ~Proverbs 3:13,15

  • Layers: single (1)
  • Colors: diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire
  • Pole: Flexion (20% flexible)
  • Qty: 4x pair

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Delight in Wisdom

Ask for Wisdom, God is in a Generous Mood

Have you noticed a theme of ‘more than enough’ in the Scriptures? To the one who already has, God seems to give even more. To the one who is already wise, He gives more wisdom (Daniel 2:21). Seek Him and get more.

Why would He waste wisdom on the fool who won’t put it into practice? But YOU, powerful worshipper in the Lord, are already wise because you know Him and fear Him. And to you, He promises more wisdom, which is more precious than jewels.


It’s a joy to create bundles and add them to the Catch the Fire Worship Flags store. I’ve been asking the Lord for the right time to release new bundles, and the time is right now.

In the confused culture and generation we live, it takes more than one voice to stand up and declare Wisdom over the earth. If you lack Wisdom, ask Him for it. He’s generous and gives more to the ones who be activated in His gift.

Catch the Fire Worship Flags praise Bundles instantly add variety to your flag bag. They are created with soft, flowing shimmer fabric and are perfect for praise, worship and dance.
All worship flags made by Catch the Fire Worship Flags are handmade. The edges finished for quality, aesthetics, and durable enough to last for years. The pole pocket is reinforced and handle patches are added for additional strength. All pole types are sourced from American companies and are both strong and durable.
In addition to high-quality design and creation, every praise banner is prayed over and are created in an atmosphere of worship.

Have These? Want these? Share Your Fire.

Seek Those who Fan Your Flame

Being a forerunner in the Worship Renaissance can feel like you are all alone, and that’s why we created Fire Catchers Facebook group, one of the most encouraging and supportive groups online. It’s a family where people know your name and are as passionately on fire for flagging worship as you. Hang out, have fun, contribute and share what God is doing in and through you and learn more about flagging worship. Plus we’ve been known to drop a few extra bonuses in the Fire Catchers group.

Become a Fire Catcher. You’ll be glad you did.


On Fire Flagging Workshop

Learn Flag Worship Movements

Do you wonder what flag waving in church has to with prophetic warfare? How do angel wing dance banners shift atmospheres and bring down strongholds? Find out the answers to these questions, learn how to dance with flags in church, and discover flag worship movements in an On Fire Flagging Workshop.

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