• Triple layer Product Dimension for fire worship flag

Water Worship Flags


Imagine living without water… you would die. Water worship flags are essential for a worship lifestyle. Allow the springs of living water burst forth from your worship so that you overflow with the life of Christ.

WATER = living water (John7.38), cleansing (John13.10), baptism (Ro6.3), river (Ez47.4-5), playfulness

Layers: multiple (3)
Colors: blue, white, blue
Fabric: sheer
Cut: angel wing, extended curved edge
Size: 54″ x 54″
Pole: Wood or Flexion (20% flexible); 36″ long
Set: pair (2)
Weight: 13oz per pair


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Refresh Yourself in the Water

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Additional information

Weight13 oz
Dimensions54 × 54 in



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