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Water Worship Flags


Imagine living without water… you would die. Water worship flags are essential for a worship lifestyle. Allow the springs of living water burst forth from your worship so that you overflow with the life of Christ.

WATER = living water (John7.38), cleansing (John13.10), baptism (Ro6.3), river (Ez47.4-5), playfulness

Layers: multiple (3)
Colors: blue, white, blue
Fabric: sheer
Cut: angel wing, extended curved edge
Size: 54″ x 54″
Pole: Wood or Flexion (20% flexible); 36″ long
Set: pair (2)
Weight: 13oz per pair


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Refresh Yourself in the Water

Lead Me Deep

When you feel heavy, and need to be immersed in His Presence, grab hold of your Water worship flags and lose yourself in His peace. There’s just something about Water that brings peace. Jesus is often found by the Water. Water is our source for life and a perfect representation of the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus spoke to the crowds, He stayed on the Water and used the Water as a natural projector for His voice. If you want to hear His voice, go to the Water; there you will hear him speaking to you. He will provide you with peace, refreshment, and nourishment.

Water worship flags have been available since Catch the Fire Worship Flags opened up shop and they’ve been a Best Seller ever since. First comes the passion of Fire then follows the refreshment of Water. The multiple layer worship flags are made with sheer fabrics that rush around you like a mighty river. Blue, white and light blue remind you of a fast-moving stream.

Express your highest praise with worship flags. Our colorful, angel wing worship flags will help you and your dance team elevate your praise & worship to the next level.

  • Layers: multi (3)
  • Colors: blue, white, light blue
  • Cut: angel wing, extended circle
  • Size: L (54” x 54”)
  • Fabric: shimmer
  • Pole: Flexion (20% flexible) or Quiver (50% flexible); 36″ long
  • Qty: pair (2)
  • Weight: 13 oz

All worship flags made by Catch the Fire Worship Flags are handmade. The edges finished for quality, aesthetics, and durable enough to last for years. The pole pocket is reinforced and handle patches are added for additional strength. Poles are sourced from American companies and are both strong and durable.

In addition to high-quality design and creation, every praise banner is prayed over and created in an atmosphere of worship.


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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 54 × 54 in



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