• Sons & Daughter, Fire Sparks
  • Double layer Product Dimension

Sons & Daughters Worship Flags


100% of the profits from Sons & Daughters support New Chapter Training School. Visit Sparks for more information about the ministries you are igniting through Catch the Fire Worship Flags.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! ~1 John 3:1

  • Layers: multiple (2)
  • Colors: purple, rainbow
  • Fabric: sheer
  • Cut: angel wing, extended circle
  • Size: 54
  • Pole: Flexion (20% flexible); 36″ long
  • Qty: pair (2)
  • Weight: 11oz per pair


Rise Up, Child

You are a Child of the King of Kings

Do you know who you are?

Hear the Father say, “Son,” or “Daughter.” You are precious and you have an all-access pass within the Kingdom. Our culture wants to confuse our Sons & Daughters; they don’t even know if they’re a Son or a Daughter.

Our Father lovingly speaks to your heart and whispers your name and tells you how He’s designed you. Take joy in knowing who you are and help others also find their identity and know their privilege as a Son & Daughter


We’re commanded to take care of the Orphans and the widows. Catch the Fire Worship Flags was birthed for one reason: to provide financial support to Kingdom ministries.

We are absolutely delighted to donate 100% of the profit from Sons & Daughters prophetic worship flags to New Chapter Training School in Uganda. We’re starting from the ground up and building a discipleship and training center to teach many different vocational trades.  

Sons & Daughters worship flags have 2 layers and are perfect for praise, worship and dance.
All worship flags made by Catch the Fire Worship Flags are handmade. The edges finished for quality, aesthetics, and durable enough to last for years. The pole pocket is reinforced and handle patches are added for additional strength. All pole types are sourced from American companies and are both strong and durable.
In addition to high-quality design and creation, every praise banner is prayed over and are created in an atmosphere of worship and prayer.

Have them? Want them? Share Your Fire.

Seek Those who Fan Your Flame

Being a forerunner in the Worship Renaissance can feel like you are all alone, and that’s why we created Fire Catchers, one of the most encouraging and supportive groups online. It’s a family where people know your name and are as passionately on fire for flagging worship as you. Hang out, have fun, contribute and share what God is doing in and through you and learn more about flagging worship. Plus we’ve been known to drop a few extra bonuses in the Fire Catchers group.

Become a Fire Catcher. You’ll be glad you did.

Additional information

Weight11 oz
Dimensions54 × 54 in


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