• Jesus is the Victory, Hallelujah
  • Christus Victor dance and worship flags
  • Jesus is the Victory, Hallelujah
  • Jesus is the Victory, Hallelujah
  • Jesus is the Victory, Hallelujah
  • Jesus is the Victory, Hallelujah
  • Jesus is the Victory, Hallelujah
  • Jesus is the Victory, Hallelujah
  • Jesus is the Victory, Hallelujah
  • Jesus is the Victory, Hallelujah

Christus Victor Praise Worship Flags


Jesus Christ is Victor, and we are more than conquerors.

Yet even in the midst of all these things, we triumph over them all, for God has made us to be more than conquerors, and his demonstrated love is our glorious victory over everything. ~Romans 8:37

• Layers: multiple (3)
• Colors: blue, gold, purple
• Fabric: sheer, metallic
• Cut: angel wing, extended circle
• Size: 54” x 54”
• Pole: Flexion (20% flexible); 36″ long
• Qty: pair (2)
• Weight: 13oz per pair


Christ is Victorious

Therefore You have the Victory

Christus Victor, Latin for Christ is victorious, is the foundation of our life in Christ. You may feel defeated, and that the enemy is strong. But the One, who is in you, is greater than the one who is around you.

Life in Christ is glory to glory, victory to victory. In Acts 26:2, Paul says he thinks himself happy, but you dear one, you are a Worshipper and you worship your way to the victory Christ has already secured for you. Christus Victor worship flags are a declaration and reminder to yourself, that the victory is already yours.

CREATION PROCESS We’ve all been asked the question, “If you knew you couldn’t fail what would you do?” As victorious Christians, the fruit of our lives should be, that nothing is impossible with God and He will not fail, so what He’s planned for us, will become reality. Christus Victor worship flags were created for that one thought, “With Christ, I cannot fail.” The colours in the triple layer prophetic dance flags represent Christ’s absolute victory and dominion.
You are a Worship Warrior, engaged in warfare, but you have no fear because Catch the Fire Worship Flags’ contemporary Christian banners are powerful, prophetic, and effective for Christian worship dance. Christus Victor are perfect for worship, dance and praise.
All worship flags made by Catch the Fire Worship Flags are handmade. The edges finished for quality, aesthetics, and durable enough to last for years. The pole pocket is reinforced and handle patches are added for additional strength. All pole types are sourced from American companies and are both strong and durable.
In addition to high-quality design and creation, every praise banner is prayed over and created in an atmosphere of worship.

Burning Brightly

3 Things You Need

Passion grows with time, and the hottest fires aren’t the ones which have just begun to burn but to keep burning brightly.

A fire requires 3 things: oxygen, heat, and fuel. You also require the same 3 things to stay ‘On Fire’. A spark of interest creates the sudden burst of heat necessary for a fire. Adequate oxygen is then needed to grow the flame (a fire can’t sustain itself in a vacuum). Likewise, you must depend on community to flourish, and grow your passion.

A fire also demands continual fuel to keep it burning. You don’t eat just once a week to maintain optimal health. Likewise, you don’t read your Bible just on Sundays or only pray before a meal and expect to become mature Believers. Of course not, you know you need more if you’re going to continue to grow that passion and intimacy with Jesus.

This is where we can help, our Fire Catchers Facebook group is ideal for providing the right kind of community to cultivate white, hot, fiery heat. When you look at the Ignite section, you will find lots of fuel to keep you burning brightly. Check out our latest blog post to fuel your passion, and challenge you in your revival lifestyle. Make sure you take a peek at our videos page which not only equips you as a dancing flagging worshipper, but tells you how to host a workshop for learning in a small group. Or Click here if you’d like to read or reread past mail we’ve shared with the Fire Catchers VIP Club.  
Bill Johnson

It's easy to burn for one year. Come back to me in 20 years and tell me you are still burning.

Bill Johnson

Additional information

Weight13 oz
Dimensions54 × 54 in



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