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I love the quality of the flags. They are beautiful and I appreciate your work.

Extravagant praise!!

I don't feel there's words that can express how exquisite these worship flags are! When I opened them I felt a holy hush not because the flags are holy but because this moment was! I had prayed and ask the Lord which ones are for this season and what He's wanting to bring. He led me to the the white ones the water ones the Holy Spirit fire ones and the prayer ones. The first ones I was led to use where the white flags which to me represent His holiness. II took them to the altar and I dedicated them to Him . Then I began to dance.... I had an amazing time in His presence worshiping Him in this new way.... free and abandoned even as David was to dance the twirl and leap ! Thank you my friend so much for what you do may God bless you and continue to bless and anoint the work of your hands. Amen

Amazing grace

Awesome set of blessed flags
Only wish poles alittle lighter in weight. But love them and how they flow

New to flagging!

I love my purple shimmer flags! I have been going to the church once a week to worship the Lord with my new flags! Praise Him!

Flag Storage Bag
Charmaine A. Bell
Storage bag

I love my bag. My flags now have a home!


I just received my worship flags and they are absolutely stunning. They exceeded my greatest expectation. I cannot wait to begin worshiping with them.,..
the One Who is worthy of all worship and honor and glory and praise and Amen

Anointed Worship Flags
Lizzy Mulcahy

We bought these flags for our friend and she literally yelled and danced for 10 minutes. She was so excited! The flags are beautifully made and the shipping was so fast! We love Catch the Fire and will definitely order more flags when the time comesπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

VIP Essential Membership
Sherry Roberts-Snell Roberts-Snell
Worth it..

I love the benefits of this membership. I have purchased more than one flag and more than one flag at a time. I have saved money on my flags and the wait for delivery is a bit shorter, which is always great because waiting for a flag is more difficult for me than waiting for Christmas morning as a child. Seeing collections early is icing on the cake so-to-speak.
Thanks Andrea!

Ruby Shimmer Worship Flags
Leslie Sims
Love the Red Shimmer Flags

This is my second purchase from Catch the Fire! Her flags are beautiful and very well made. Shipping has been fast and easy both times as well. Thanks and God bless you Andrea!

Green Shimmer Worship Flags
Cyndy, Flagging for Life
Flagging for health and prosperity

Love these green shimmer worship flags. I've been healed from so many things.. including cancer that you CANNOT tell me that Jesus doesn't still heal his people. And of course we were put on this earth as Christians to prosper. Financially and in all that we do. We are the light in the world. Praise the Lord

Flexion Pole Bundle (20ct)
Brigetta Eshleman
Flexion Pole Bundle

My package arrived to me damaged in the mail. When I could not resolve the problem, the good folks at Catch the Fire resolved it for me.

Topaz Shimmer Worship Flags
Heather Fox
Very pretty flags!

Love the topaz shimmer flags! Flex rods are a bit stuffer than others I have purchased, but they still wave beautifully!

Quiver Pole Bundle (20ct)

Indigo Shimmer Worship Flags
Cyndy, Flagging for Life
Best flags I ever ordered

I love,love,love these flags. They just flow around you. I feel enveloped in God's hands. The color and shimmer are gorgeous. They are very long ,yet so easy to control. Would recommend them to every worshipper. I'm ONLY ordering flags from Catch the Fire Worship Flags. Their quality is the absolute best. Ordering a new pair tomorrow.πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’—πŸ’—

Flag Storage Bag
Janet McGee McGee
Love Worship flags

This is my 5th set. The red & gold flags were a gift. Loved them.


I really like the flag. Everyone was talking about how nice they look. I do plan to purchase more.

DIY Red Metallic Children's Rectangle Worship Flag
Linda Minkins

DIY Red Metallic Children's Rectangle Worship Flag

Flag Storage Bag
Mary Young Young

I gave the flag storage bag as a gift to my niece and she love it!

Flag Storage Bag
Debra Evans-Holmes
Exceptional Storage Bag!

Well made; light weight and great price compared to some others.

Fresh Oil Worship Flags
Amanda Perez

I love the color and flow of the flags.

Jehovah Shalom Worship Flags
Melissa Weaver Weaver

My Jehovah Shalom Worship Flags are Beautiful. I am glad that I added them to my collection. I enjoy worshipping with them.

Love White Shimmer

I love my white shimmer flags. The feel and ease of flagging with them

Glory to GOD!!

Wow, these are the most beautiful flags I have ever seen. I wept when I saw them because of the beauty and being able to worship my Lord which HE deserves and created us for. As a new flag worshipper I am very grateful and humbled for this new season in my life. May Abba, Father continue to bless Andrea, the creator of these inspirational flags. Thank you!

Brilliant Worship Flags Bundle
Kristi Graner
Love these flags

The flags are beautiful and well made. Love them!

I love them

Durable for my prophetic dance!