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It doesn't matter how long you've had your worship flags, we will fix worship flags for free.

Free repair includes pole replacement for broken poles and other minor repairs.

If worship flags cannot be fixed, we offer a 20% discount to replace the same worship flags. The buyer is responsible for shipping both ways.

To arrange a repair, please click here to contact us.

Catch the Fire Worship Flags sew the poles into the worship flags and they are not recommended for washing. If your worship flags have gotten dirty, use a spot cleaner or a gentle soap to rub the spot out.

Yes, here are some practical tips for caring for your worship flags.

Tip #1 Catch the Fire Worship Flags have reinforced handles to keep your flags protected but it is always advisable to wash hands before use as oils from hands will transfer to the flags.

Tip #2 Use a spot cleaner on the handles or edges to lift casual grime.

Tip #3 Be conscious of the physical environment. The poles are strong but they can fracture if the flags hit the ceiling with strong force.

Tip # 4 If the flags are wrinkled or have a large crease, lightly spritz with water and leave the flags flat to dry naturally. Do not iron. We tried it, and it didn’t end well.

Shipping, Returns & Refunds

Free gift with every worship flag order

Don't see what you want? We offer free customization options

→ Hassle-free return or exchange

Have a problem? We will fix worship flags for free*

*Free repair includes pole replacement for broken poles and other minor repairs.

The short answer is, as soon as possible.

Orders are shipped in the sequence they are received. We suggest allowing up to 14 days for production, plus delivery time (see below for more details about estimated shipping times). Worship flags typically are ready for shipment within 2-9 days; it’s rare to take longer than that but we don’t guarantee it.

If flags are not shipped within 14 days, you will receive a $20 Gift Card to use on your next purchase.

We use USPS Priority Post service which means once worship flags are ready for shipment most orders are delivered within the USA in 2-5 days, or 10-14 days worldwide.

For international order, please note we cannot mark your package as a gift to avoid additional duties and taxes. We hate paying extra for dreaded taxes as much as you, but it’s against the law and our conscious to misrepresent products that are intended for worship to the king of Kings.

We cannot offer Express Shipping, but we offer an additional service that allows you to skip to the Front of the Line. If you want to ensure your worship flags are made and shipped first, this is a great option, especially during busy seasons.

The highest volume months are March, April, July, November and December.

Ugh. That is so frustrating and inconvenient, but the good news is it’s definitely something that can be fixed. We insure every package but we need your help to file a claim for reimbursement.

Please take a photo of the damaged box, and the damaged flags and send them to us at onfire@catchthefireworshipflags.com; please include your name and order #.

We’re more than happy to place a claim on your behalf with the courier. A refund or replacement will be issued once the courier has finished their claim investigation process.

We highly recommend shipping orders to a secure location or postbox to ensure it’s delivered without risk of theft. Once your package has been scanned as delivered, we cannot be held liable and are unable to offer a refund for stolen packages.

However, if your package is lost in transit and hasn’t been scanned as delivered, we’re more than happy to place a claim on your behalf with the courier. A refund or replacement will be issued once the courier has finished their claim investigation process. 

The worship flags are visually inspected 2x before being shipped to you but there are times we miss a flaw and flags are shipped anyway. If that happens we will exchange your worship flags, including sending you a prepaid return shipping label.

Please note, sometimes there are small manufacturing flaws that do not affect the flow of the the flags in action.


We would be delighted to help you bring your vision to life. We offer customization and size adjustment at no extra cost.

Please note custom worship flags may require longer than 14 days. You will be given an estimated shipping date prior to finalizing the purchase.

We offer customization and size adjustment at no extra cost. We would love to accommodate your size adjustment requirements, however many of the fabrics have been cut for our standard flag size (54”x54” with 36” pole) so it may not be possible.

Please contact us before ordering, to ensure we can accommodate a size adjustment.

Please note custom worship flags, and size adjustments may require longer than 14 days, however you will be given an estimated shipping date prior to finalizing the purchase.

Yes! We have a bi-annual children's flag sale where individual children's flags $7.

It is a popular event and sells out quickly. Click here to check availability.

Yes, we do!

We have a bi-annual clearance sale where you can pick up worship flags from our Highways & Bi-ways Collections for 25-60% off our regular priced worship flags.

It is a popular event and sells out quickly. Click here to check availability.


First off, welcome! It’s exciting and we LOVE helping worshippers grow deep in their faith relationship and elevate their praise to the next level.

Click here to see the training videos we currently have available.

God speaks using color. We’ve put together a Free Color Meanings download for you. Click here to download the Free PDF today.

Yes! If you can't host a live flagging workshop, or travel to one of the flagging workshops that Andrea' teaches, we have another great option.

The On Fire Worship Flagging Digital Workshop is perfect for individuals, small groups, or dance teams who want to learn more about worship flags and their use for praise and worship expression.

You may view the full length 95-minute and download the 18-page Flagging Workshop Student Handbook. If you prefer to utilize the digital workshop for small groups, you can view the workshop in 6 sessions (5 modules, plus bonus).

Click here to visit the product page.


Unfortunately, we no longer offer this payment option.

We made some upgrades to our websites, and in the process lost some other features.

We can still process your payment in Canadian currency. Please call 604-809-4025 (Vancouver, BC) and we will process the payment over the phone.

Unfortunately, I cannot accept any kind of electronic cash transfer.

There are a number of others ways we accept payment.


VIP Membership

If God is truly worthy of ALL your praise, and you love using worship flags to glorify Him, then our VIP Memberships are perfect for you. Become an Essential VIP today and elevate your praise to the next level.

VIP Membership

VIPs received these benefits:

✔️ 15% OFF all worship flags

✔️ Exclusive VIP Collection

✔️ Front of the Line Shipping, which means your orders are made first

✔️ First access to new products

✔️ Exclusive offers throughout the year

For an Essential VIP, once you spend $265, you’ll have your $39 investment back, plus get back extra from the free shipping upgrade to Front of the Line.

You’re charged for the VIP Club as soon as you purchase it. You’ll be alerted prior to your VIP anniversary to let you know that your membership is about to renew.

No, VIP Membership discount cannot be combined.

The VIP discount is valid for worship flags only, including worship flags in the Highways & Bi-ways Collection, and children’s flags.

It is not valid for DIY Flag Kits or subscriptions, flag rentals or rental membership, gift cards, or accessory items.

The VIP membership does not auto-renew, however it is non-refundable.

You’ll continue to receive the membership benefits for the year you’ve paid.



Express your creativity and save money by creating your own 3-layer worship flags to offer your deepest worship to the only One Who Is Worthy. Elevate your praise to the next level with DIY Worship Flag Kits from Catch the Fire Worship Flags.

DIY Subscription

Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of the month for the duration of the subscription period.

The DIY Kits will be shipped on, or around the 5th of the month.

If you join the subscription after the 1st, the first DIY Kit you receive will be the next month's kit.


DIY Flag kits purchased in a 4-month subscription are significantly less than purchasing the DIY Flag Kits individually. The savings is made possible because of the recurring monthly 4-month subscription fee.

The DIY Worship Flag Kit monthly subscription will save you money, and guarantee availability to avoid disappointment.

All our DIY Kits include everything you need to create your own triple layer worship flags at a price that makes it affordable for everyone.

DIY Flag Kits

Yes, depending on availability.

The DIY Worship Flag Kits are shipped on, or around the 15th of the month. If there are additional DIY Worship Flag Kits available, they will be listed on the website for individual purchase.

You will need a sewing machine. Most domestic sewing machines will work perfectly.

We recommend purchasing the DIY Accessory Kit, which includes dressmaker pins, embroidery scissors, a cut-resistant dressmaker's measuring tape, and universal presser foot.

Everything else will be included in the DIY Worship Flag Kit, including video instructions.


Worship Flag Rental Membership

Never let cost or lack of variety limit your worship expression.The Worship Flag Rental Membership equips you with our most popular multiple-layer worship flags for a price you'll love to help you elevate your praise to the next level.

Worship Flag Rental Membership

1. Purchase a Worship Flag Rental Membership to gain access to Members Area

2. Browse exclusive worship flag inventory and click to rent

3. Receive worship flags in 2-5 days (shipped with Priority Post mail service)

4. Use worship flags for up to 30 days

5. Return worship flags with prepaid shipping label

6. Repeat

The Worship Flag Rental Membership is a one-time fee, which grants you access to rent worship flags from Catch the Fire Worship Flags. It helps to cover the administration fee.

Worship flags rental fees are between 65-70% off the cost to purchase new flags.

Yes! You absolutely can cancel your membership at any time. You won't be charged when it is time to renew and you'll still receive all of the membership benefits for remainder of your current membership period. 

We do not offer refunds for unused time periods of your membership.

Unfortunately, the membership is available to US residents only.

Generally, yes.

Many rental worship flags are available in multiples of up to 8, which could serve up to 16 dancers (one flag each).

If we don't have worship flags, our Rental Membership Coordinator will work with you to find a solution so that your dance performance is beautifully coordinated.

Yes, of course.

First, welcome to flagging worship. I love hearing testimonies of worshippers responding to God in this creative way to worship and elevate your praise.

Currently, only members who purchase the Worship Flag Rental Membership are able to rent flags. The membership has many benefits, including VIP pricing on all purchases for new worship flags.

Worship Flag Rentals

The majority of our Worship Flags come from our Best Sellers list. In addition to Best Sellers, there are several worship flags available to members that are not available for purchase anywhere else!

When you have purchased a Worship Flag Rental Membership, then you will be provided a password to view and rent the available worship flags.

Every month! Visit us often, because we’re adding one or two additional worship flags, only available for Members.

We will make every effort to have the worship flags you need... when you need them.

You can contact us at rentalflags@catchthefireworshipflag.com for an estimated time when your desired worship flag will be available again.

Members have a generous rental period of 30 days!

During the rental period, you will receive reminders by email about when the worship flag is due to be returned.

After 30 days, you will be charged another rental fee.


Simply keep the worship flags and don't return to us. After 3 rental fee payments, you will no longer be charged.

As a courtesy, please contact us at rentalflags@catchthefireworshipflags.com to let us know so that we will replace the worship flags for other members who may be waiting to rent.

In some cases, the flags can be repaired or cleaned. You will be asked to pay a $25 repair fee.

If the flags cannot be repaired, you will be responsible to pay for a worship flag replacement.

Failure to pay to replace a damaged worship flag will forfeit your membership and you will not be permitted to receive any Member benefits unless a new Rental Membership is purchased.

The worship flags CANNOT be washed in a regular washing machine. The fabric is delicate, so please avoid vigorous scrubbing, but it is okay to use a spot cleaner.

If the spot can’t be removed, which prevents the worship flags from being rented to another worshipper, then you will be asked to pay for a replacement.

Shipping & Returns

Don't worry; all worship flags have postal insurance. Please take photos of the damage and contact us at rentalflags@catchthefireworshipflags.com as soon as possible.

We will open an insurance claim to recoup the loss due to shipping damage.In the interim, if another pair of the same worship flags is available, a replacement pair will be sent immediately. Otherwise we will refund the rental fee so that you can choose another pair of worship flags.

During the rental period, you will receive email reminders when the worship flag is due to be returned.

When the rental period is finished you will be charged again for another 30 day rental period, up to 3 consecutive months.

If you return the worship flags within the next rental period, you are able to rent another pair of worship flags.

After 3 months, you will be considered owner of the worship flags and will not be charged again.  

You will receive a prepaid return shipping label with envelope in every delivery. You may return the flags at any time within 90 days using the label.


All worship flags are inspected after being rented to ensure that the next flag renter receives a good quality product. If there is damage on the worship flags that has been missed in our inspection, please contact immediately at rentalflags@catchthefireworshipflags.com to notify us of the damage (include photos, if possible).

We will make arrangements to have the flags returned and will send out a replacement pair if available.

If the damage is due to shipping, we will open an insurance claim and send a replacement pair of worship flags, if available.

Worship flags are shipped daily, Monday to Friday. If you order before 7am EST, the worship flags will be shipped that day.

Typically, worship flags are shipped with Priority Post mail service through USPS. Delivery is 2-3 business days. If you wish to have worship flags delivered with Express service, there will be an additional charge ($50+) to cover the added cost.


Contact rentalflags@catchthefireworshipflags.com or click here to contact us using our contact form.

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