Why Worship Flags?

We Are His Burning Ones

Ignite the World on Fire

Lady lifting a gold worship flag in the air.

To ignite your life, you must focus on ONE thing long enough for it to catch a fire.

Gary W Keller

We want you to Catch the Fire and burn brightly, but we don’t want you to burn out.

In this section you’ll find links to helpful resources. This is what you’ll find here:


The Blog: Fan the Flame

Fan the Flame will feed you, encourage you, and challenge you to keep the flame burning by continually fanning the flame inside you.


Fire Catchers VIP Club

Not part of the Fire Catchers VIP Club yet? Join the club here.

We spoil the Fire Catchers VIP Club with sneak peeks of the new collections, exclusive promotion, giveaways, and free shipping in the USA (discounted shipping worldwide).

Membership has its privileges. 



On Fire Flagging Workshop

Do you want to have even more great training about dance, praise and worship flags? Click here to host an On Fire Flagging Workshop.


Flagging worship is a visual explosion of worship in motion. Click here to find video training and tutorials to train and equip you for flagging worship.

Fire Catchers Classroom

The 2nd Saturday of the month, Catch the Fire Worship Flags offers live teaching about worship to help you elevate your praise to the next level.

Click here to get notified about the next Fire Catchers Classroom, and catch up on previous teaching topics.


Fire Catchers Community

Would you like to find a place where we ‘get’ you and where ‘everyone knows your name’?

The Fire Catchers Facebook Group is the most encouraging and supportive online community.

We, flaggers, are a strange bunch (let your freak flag fly, right?); join the group and come home to family who are just as on fire as you.

Missed the links? Here they are: