On Fire to Build the Kingdom

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Flagging worship is part of the emerging Worship Renaissance, and only the highest quality worship flags are worthy of ministering to God. He is elevating worshippers who will manifest His presence around the world with worship flags and dance. Catch the Fire Worship Flags is delighted to be worthy of your artistic expression of worship.

~Andrea York, Creator

I didn’t know anything about worship flags when I was growing up, but during Sunday morning worship I would close my eyes and see colors dancing on airwaves.

From the first moment I saw worship flags in person, I was captivated by them, because it was what I had already seen by the Spirit (except the dance flags didn’t match the beauty I had seen in my mind). In my imagination, the flow and color was mesmerizing, but the worship flags I found in most churches were made from drab (and often shabby) material glued to a stick.

Not inspired by what was available, Holy Spirit compelled me to make my own worship flags.

Build His Kingdom

Meanwhile, God established a passion in me to build His Kingdom. When I asked Him how I was supposed to do that, He responded by asking me, “What do you have in your hand?” I knew He wanted me to create exquisite worship flags for discerning worshippers so they could participate in the new Worship Renaissance and declare His love and power to build His Kingdom.

I was concerned no one else would “see” and experience worship as I did or be passionate to build His Kingdom on earth like it is in heaven. The style of flagging worship as I had seen in heaven was a unique expression and it was challenging to recreate it on earth.

Worship Renaissance

He commissioned me to create fluid works of art for worship and step-by-step, Holy Spirit  guided me through the creation of the worship flags. I connected with worshippers in person and online who were waking up to a new style of flagging worship. They “caught” the heavenly vision for the new season of worship.

The response has been overwhelming. Catch the Fire Worship Flags is the premier online provider for exceptionally beautiful multi-layered worship flags. We are continually igniting sparks and creating Fire Catchers who are as on fire as we are to build His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

The Best Part?
I thought I was giving God a gift of worship but in truth, He gave me a gift and I discovered a fresh calling: I need to worship, like I need to breathe.

See Who's Behind the Curtain

Two (or Three) are Better Than One

Catch the Fire Worship Flags isn’t the premier online provider for exceptional multi-layer worship flags because I can do it all on my own. Ha! That’s the furthest thing from the truth. We have a team, and a small group of minions (I call them family) who help everything run smoothly to make it possible to serve you well.